Fingal Heritage Park Progressing

During this historic time that is adversely affecting all of us, there is some good news to share.  You may have already seen the recent activity in Fingal at the old ball diamond.  Fingal Heritage Park is finally coming to life.  

 A steel, Victorian inspired gazebo is being constructed that kicks off the park's development.  The plans for this spring and summer, in addition to the gazebo call for the beginnings of a landscaped heritage walking trail with interpretive signage that will inform visitors about our local history.  

 One sign will feature the Southwold Prehistoric Earthworks, a neutral native village where our earliest inhabitants lived around 1500.  Another tells the story of Colonel Thomas Talbot and the founding of the Talbot Settlement.  A third sign spotlights the MacPherson Glasgow Foundry that manufactured farm equipment on the exact site of this park in the late 1800s.  A fourth recalls when this piece of ground was the social hub, serving as the community ball park from the 1930s to the 1970s.  Fingal's WWII Bombing and Gunnery School will be featured on a fifth sign.  Additional signs highlighting more stories from the past will appear over time.

 Thanks to Councillor Justin Pennings for spearheading the gazebo project, and also to all volunteers who have contributed their time and skills so far.  Moving forward we are grateful to all community minded volunteers, donors and sponsors that will contribute.  This significant plot of ground will once again be a centre of social importance and community pride.