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There are a number of reports regarding the drinking water within Southwold that must be prepared and submitted to council each year and made available to the residents of Southwold. 

These reports relate to the quality of the water as well as to the quality of the operation of the system itself.  Further, Southwold purchases its' water from the St Thomas Area Secondary Water Supply System which purchases its' water from the Elgin Area Water System.  Both of these entities prepare the same reports for distribution to its' client municipalities.

Currently available reports


Drinking Water Quality Management System

The Township of Southwold, in coordination with their Operating Authority, is committed to comply with all applicable regulatory requirements to supply safe drinking water to meet their consumers' requirements.  The Township of Southwold and their Operating Authority are committed to the maintenance and continual improvement of the Quality Management System and the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard.

The Ministry of the Environment established a licensing system for water systems under the Safe Drinking Water Act.  As part of this licensing system, owners of drinking water systems must develop a 6-year financial plan that demonstrates the financial sustainability of the system.  The Township of Southwold has developed a financial plan in accordance with the Act and pertinent regulations and has published the FINANCIAL PLAN  that was approved on January 11, 2016 for your information.

OCWA Quality and Environmental Management System Policy

Operating Plan-Lynhurst Area   revision 2.1 approved December 10, 2019

Drinking Water Quality Management System Policy - Southwold Water Distribution System - Lynhurst Area - Revision 2.1

Anyone with questions regarding the financial plan may contact the office:
email: southwold@southwold.ca
phone: 519-769-2010

Did you know...???

Fluoride is added to the drinking water at the Elgin Area Treatment Plant.  For more information regarding fluoride and the health benefits/concerns, please visit Primary Water System website.

Water Conservation Tips