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Road Services

Mail Boxes

The Township of Southwold will replace broken mail boxes only if snow removal equipment makes physical contact with the mailbox. Landowners are responsible to ensure mailboxes are securely attached to their post.

Although we all look forward to having the streets plowed, no one really looks forward to that pile of snow left at the end of the driveway. Plows push most of the accumulated snow along the roadway. Some snow normally travels alongside the blade. As the plow moves past driveways, that snow falls to one side forming a windrow. It is unfortunately up to the homeowner to clear this snow left behind by the plow.

**The Township of Southwold Public Works Department would like to remind motorists to drive carefully during inclement weather conditions. It is recommended you reduce your speed by 20% and give our plows lots of room.

Remember 'No Parking' on side streets during winter snow removal.

Did you know....???

The Township of Southwold provides line painting services to several other municipalities each summer.  This service, charged at a standard per meter fee, includes the provision of the line painting truck and two staff members to operate the truck.  Our neighbours receive a valuable service and Southwold receives revenues sufficient to offset operating costs and recover a portion of the capital outlay for the truck itself.