Township Initiatives

The Council of the Township of Southwold has established the development and expansion of settlement areas, identified in the Official Plan, as a priority for the economic sustainability of the Township.

To that end, the Council has undertaken initiatives which are intended to encourage development.

These include:

  1. The completion of a revised and updated Official Plan to prioritize settlement areas and types of development, consistent with the Provincial Policy;
  2. The completion of a revised and updated Zoning By-law to implement the new Official Plan;
  3. The completion of a Sewer Servicing Study for Small Communities to support the new Official Plan and provide the foundation for future Environmental Assessments for Sewer Servicing;
  4. The completion of a Local Servicing Policy for plans of subdivision to ensure clarity of responsibility between developers and the Township;
  5. The establishment of an Economic Development committee to seek out development opportunities and to recommend options and courses of action for council to consider;
  6. The development of a template agreement for plans of subdivision to ensure all development is conducted in a coordinated, fair and consistent fashion;

Township of Southwold Statistics Canada Demographics Information

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County Initiatives

Other Initiatives



The above list is not exhaustive of the various initiatives and resources available in Southwold and the County of Elgin.

 Raising Southwolds Profile

We are all well aware of the need for this township to reverse the population decline we saw at the time of the 2011 census and the need to replace the property tax lost due to the Ford plant closure.
Our Economic Development Committee, Council, Staff and Residents have all been involved at various times in the creation of plans to get this job done.
Three very important components in these plans are:
>Increased residential Housing.
>Business growth.
>Tourism growth.
This past week end we had a booth at the London Home Show geared to these objectives. Interest was very good, we talked to lots of people from London and the surrounding area and handed out a whole lot of brochures about why you should consider moving here, things to do here and business opportunities here.
We were fortunate to be helped by:
>Communities in Bloom – Gord & Brenda Longhurst.
>The Southwold History Committee – Pat Temple.

Our thanks to everyone and looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming St Thomas Home & Garden Show this spring.

Ian and Josie Chard.