Southwold Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee is seeking individuals, respresenting businessess of all types to assist us to promote Southwold, develop ideas and pursue opportuniites in the growth of the Township. If you are interested in joining the committee you can fill in the Adobe pdf Southwold Economic Development Committee Questionnaire or the online web form

Committee Members

Chair:  Councillor Peter North

Voting Members:  Councillor Justin Pennings, Steve Bushell,  Grayden Laing

                               Jim Carder,  Barry Harrison, Hiba Arabi                                                    

Non-Voting Members:    Elgin Business Resource Centre, Staff Resource

                                         Elgin County Economic Development, Staff Resource

Brochure - Thinking of starting a home-based business

COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN - adopted by Council on June 22, 2020

Economic Development Committee Meeting Minutes 



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Sustainability Plan

The Sustainability Plan was completed and adopted by Council at its regular meeting of July 8, 2013.  We are pleased to provide this plan to our residents via the website and at the office.

Sustainability Plan Yearly Update October 2016

Sustainability Plan Yearly Update  December 2017

Statistics Canada's data for the Township. 

You, the ratepayer, are a valuable contributor to our operations.

Your feedback is appreciated as we grow through the Sustainability Plan process.



Southwold Economic Development Committee Update March 2016



The Township of Southwold is a member of the St. Thomas & Elgin Home Builders' Association.

Membership Badge 

For more information of this assocation

Congratulations North Star Windows & Doors! 

The Township of Southwold extends CONGRATULATIONS to North Star Windows & Doors on the announcement that the provincial government of Ontario is investing $1.2M in plant upgrades and an expansion. 

Thank you to local area MPPs and all levels of government who worked hard to make this investment in North Star Windows & Doors and the community of Southwold a reality!

Big Changes to Talbotville Berry Farm!

Talbotville Berry Farm 3

On October 31, 2016 the current Talbotville Berry Farm produce stand, in operation since 1969, will close its doors for the last time. On November 25 a new market with a new vision will open in its place. 

Gerry and Shirley Simpson currently operate the produce stand and farm originally started by Shirley’s parents Peter and Mary Oostvogels. The pair work to keep the family dream alive. 

Expanding on their dream they sell home-grown produce, preserves and baked goods, support other local growers and producers, host school field trips, and run Fun Fall Family Weekends that include a corn maze (haunted after dark), and wagon rides during the month of October.


   The Township of Southwold wishes to congratulate Talbotville Berry Farm on the opening of their new market!