Southwold Scholarship Awards

The Council of the Township of Southwold believes in the students of this community and would like to encourage them in undertaking a post-secondary education.  To this end, Council is offering a $1,000.00 scholarship to one male and one female graduating highschool student enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary facility. 

Please review the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION detailed requirements. 

Please Note:  The completed applications are due in the Municipal Office by July 31st, each calendar year.

Due to COVID-19, Council awarded a scholarship to all those who submitted  an application in 2020. 

Nimrit Aulakh and Kristi Hunter were each a recipient of a $1000.00 scholarship 

Jevin Waite, Madison Telford, Ryan Ketelaars and Sydney Kikkert were each recipients of a $500 scholarship.  

Council would like to congratulate all of the 2020 applicants and wish them good luck with their education.  

2019 Scholarship Winners: Allison Duncan and Riley Temple

2018 Scholarship Award Winners: Connor McClenaghan and Emma Blewett

2017 Scholarship Winners, Joseph Hardy, Meredith Fisher, Britney Wouters

2016 Scholarship Winners: Kennedie Fife and Isaac Clutterbuck 

2015 Scholarship Award Winners: Jordan Fox and Heidi Lunn 


2014 Scholarship Award Winners: Caroline Streib and Andrew Yurek 

2013 Scholarship Award Winners: Nicole Fenn and Tyler McTavish 

Tyler McTavish was unavailable for a photo.

2012 Scholarship Award Winners: Jessica Dryfout and David Heyblom