Volunteer Firefighters Recognized for Years of Service

Kirk Duncan - 15years, Breanna Howe- 10 years, Chief Jeff McArthur- 15 years

Volunteers are the key ingredient to building a perfect community! The Township of Southwold is very proud of our Southwold Fire Department.

 The Southwold Township Fire Department proudly protects over 4000 residents within 301 square kilometers of Elgin County. The department is Proudly Staffed by Volunteers, who are an important part of our community.

At our volunteer recognition awards dinner five members of the department were recognized for their years of service:

 Kirk Duncan - 15 years, Chief Jeff McArthur - 15 Years, Breanna Howe - 10 Years, Grant Finnigan - 5 Years, Dean Thorner - 5 Years

 Thank-you to the Southwold Fire Department for all that you do!