Township of Southwold Received Funding from Rural and Northern Infrastructural Grant

This morning it was announced that the Township of Southwold will receive $209,747.02 from the Rural and Northern Infrastructural Grant. This grant was presented by Jeff Yurek, MPP of Elgin - Midlesex - London and will be going towards the replacement of Second Line Bridge. The total estimated cost of the project is $629, 304.00.


The 2017 inspection of Second Line bridge showed that the bridge was in poor condition and continued to have further rapid deterioration. The project will consist of the removal and disposal of the existing structure, as well as the reconstruction of reinforced concrete bridge and a gravel surface treatment.


The improvement of the 6.8 metre bridge will reduce safety concerns, encourage uninterrupted emergency vehicle response, winter service response, access to neighbouring communities, accommodate 100 year storm. flood specification, expand bridge width, and improve the health and safety for heavy farm equipment, livestock, school buses, and pedestrian/cycle travel.


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