Public Notices


The Township of Southwold will replace broken mailboxes ONLY if snow removal equipment makes physical contact with the mailbox.  Property owners are responsible to ensure mailboxes are securely attached to their post.

Load Restrictions- Township Roads

The Township of Southwold would like to remind Commercial Vehicle Operators, that the Township places Load Restrictions on ALL of its roads from March 1 to April 30.  Drivers found to be in contravention of the By-law are subject to fines as set out in the Highway Traffic Act.  Some specialized farm vehicles are exempt.  If you are unsure if your vehicle is exempt, please check out this link.  .  More information may be obtained from the Township Office by contacting Public Works Superintendent Paul Van Vaerenbergh at 519-769-2010.

Billing Due Dates

Taxes are due the same 4 days each year:  the last business day of March, May, August and October.  If the 30th or 31st falls on a Saturday, then the taxes are due the Friday prior.

Water invoices are due the last business day of January, April, July and October.

NOTE:  Failure to receive a tax or utility bill does not excuse a taxpayer or customer from the responsibility for payment, nor relieve them of liability for penalty for late payment.