Notice to Residents of Talbotville Gore Road Area - Dust Control Measures

 Notice to Residents of the Talbotville Gore Road Area - Dust Control Measures. As a part of the construction contract for the trunk sewer project, the following dust control measures will be used; water truck, and calcium flakes.   Calcium flakes would normally be used over a dry long weekend, and the water truck during the week when there's more of a break between rains.  The control measures won't be particularly effective with the on and off again rain we've been experiencing. The calcium flakes, between re-grading and rain, will be washed away quickly. The water truck is most effective in longer dry spells.

The Township and our consultant engineer will continue to monitor the dust on site, and implement the control measures throughout the construction project.

Thank-you for your continued patience as work continues on the trunk sewer project.