Donation to Southwold Library Project

SOUTHWOLD LIBRARY project receives $10,000 donation from FORD CANADA!

The Township of Southwold thanks Ford Canada for their generous donation to the Southwold Library campaign!

Join us in making a difference in our community by contributing to the Southwold Library campaign!...
To donate please contact Keith Orchard at 519-764-2600 or the Township of Southwold municipal office at 519-769-2010.

A Great Big Thank You

A great big thank you to Conor Bryne, Thomas McAlwee, Eric Sauer, his truck & his wife Andrea, Drew Jamieson & Pat Hagerty for their help spreading mulch on the Ferndale Community Park trails. Your Township really appreciated your help. It's volunteers like you folks that help make Southwold a great place to live

Congratulations to all those involved in Communities in Bloom!!


Some of our dedicated volunteers are seen receiving the award of Blooms!


Congratulations to all those involved in Communities in Bloom!! Through your efforts, the support of the entire community and our wonderful volunteers, the Township of Southwold was awarded 4 out of 5 Blooms by the CIB judges in 2015, our first year! Thank you for helping us achieve this prestigious rating!

Communities in Bloom is a community program which awards Bloom Ratings based on evaluation criteria including:

•Environmental Awareness

Southwold Library Committee receive donation cheque from Community Policing Association

Deputy Mayor Ian Chard is pleased to accept a cheque from the Southwold Policing Association on behalf of the Southwold Library Committee in the amount of $500 as a donation toward the Library Fund.

It is through generous donations such as these, that the NEW Library will move forward and become a reality.

Thank you to the Southwold Policing Association.



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