The Township of Southwold is excited to welcome ALL THAT GLITTERS ESTHETICS to Shedden.
Why not stop in during the GRAND OPENING on March 17th from 1 pm to 4 pm and enter their draw for a big spa basket and enjoy some desserts and refreshments?!!
35846 Talbot Line in the Medical Centre in Shedden.

Greening Communities 2018

Native tree seedlings are available for Southwold landowners at an affordable rate to help “green” the township.   

A minimum order of 20 trees is required and landowners must order species in quantities of 10.  Species available include: White spruce, Norway spruce, White cedar, Sugar maple, Sycamore, Red oak, Tulip tree, White birch, Eastern redbud and Red Osier dogwood.

Each tree is $2.00 or less and ranges in size from 60-90 cm depending on the species.


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