Mayor Jones Elected Warden of Elgin County

An exerpt from the St. Thomas Times Journal

Grant Jones was acclaimed Warden of Elgin County at a session of Elgin County Council held on December 6, 2016. 

Jones was elected to Southwold Council in 2003 and again as Deputy Mayor in 2010. He was elected Mayor of Southwold in 2014. This is Warden Jones' first full term on Elgin County Council. He first served on Council in 2014 in the absence of then Southwold Mayor James McIntyre.

Jones has represented Elgin County on the Elgin Economic Development Advisory Group and the Social/Entertainment Committee.

“The role of Warden has many responsibilities and duties,” said Jones. “All of which must be accomplished by Council and staff working together as a team. I promise to respect the time-honoured traditions of this office and I look forward to working to serve the great people of Elgin County. ” 

Jones identified the start of construction on the new Terrace Lodge and Elgin County Museum facility, the transfer of Wonderland Road, and succession planning for senior staff as priorities for 2017. 

Jones also noted that Economic Development remains a priority of County Council. The County-lead Community Improvement Plan continues to see a great deal of success with a significant positive impact on the local business community.