Gone by Not Forgotten!

Most of our Southwold Township residents are familiar with the former RCAF N0.4 Bombing and Gunnery School just west of Fingal now the home of the Fingal Wildlife Management Area.
What many residents do not realize is that this facility is still used about 6 times a year by volunteers from the London Civil Air Search and Rescue Association in conjunction with aircraft from RCAF Trenton for training for real emergencies.
A mock air crash site is set up on the grounds. A Lockheed CC-130 Hercules and a Griffon CH-146 helicopter serving with 424 squadron come from Trenton Air Base.
Medics in training jump from the Hercules and parachute down to the site to render assistance to the simulated air crash victims.
The Griffon sometimes lands at the old airfield to practice various types of rescue.

The World War 2 training school closed on February 17, 1945. 71 years later it still provides a location for aircraft related crisis training!

My thanks to Brenda and Gord Longhurst for providing these details and for their dedication to the maintenance of this important facility.

Deputy Mayor Ian Chard.