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Frequently requested forms:


Building/Demoliton Permit Application  /  Guide to Completing a Building Permit Application - Southwold

Citizen's Guide to Building Permits

Energy Efficiency Design Summary (Revised Feb/12)

A Guide to the Installation of Private Sewage Disposal Systems and Single Lot Development



Request for Drain Repair



Road Occupancy Permit



Minor Variance Application       Minor Variance Application  /  A Guide to the Minor Variance Process

Official Plan Amendent Application     Official Plan Amendment Application

Zoning By-law Amendment Application      Zoning By-law Amendment Application  /  Citizen's Guide to Zoning Amendments

Site Plan Approval Application     Site Plan Approval Application  

Site Plan Agreement

Application for Consent  Citizen's Guide to Application for Consent   (also known as Land Severance)

Associated costs with a Consent Application (Severance)

Septic Review Form

NOTE:  Severances

If you require a Severance (Application for Consent), the application is to be completed in full and first forwarded to and reviewed by Township Staff (includes Planner's Report), and then submitted to the Elgin County Land Division Committee with a fee.  A copy of the application for severance can be downloaded here, picked up at the Municipal Office or at the County of Elgin Offices at 450 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas, Ontario N5R 5V1 (519) 631-1460.  

NOTE:  Effective January 1, 2013, when you apply and are granted a severance, if the properties are currently serviced by a Community Mail Box, Canada Post will now be included as part of the circulation process done by County Land Division and will charge the applicant a $200 Community Mail Box Fee for the new property.

This is NOT a charge by the Township of Southwold.

If you need clarification on this issue, please contact Canada Post.



Taxes - Vacancy Rebate Application

  Pre-Authorized Payment agreement

Request for Confirmation of Assessment Roll Information - If you are looking for confirmation of tax information, ie. realtor listing a property, please complete and forward this document.  Once completed, email it to Southwold@Southwold.ca

Email sign up for Tax and Utility Bill - Please fill in the form and email, fax or drop off at the municipal office.


         Facility Rental/ User Agreement