2020 Greening Communities

Greening Central Elgin was initiated to increase tree cover in the Municipality of Central Elgin. The program has since expanded to also include the City of St. Thomas, the Township of Southwold and the Township of Malahide.  Native tree seedlings are available for landowners in these municipalities at an affordable rate to help “green” the municipality.

A minimum order of 20 trees is required and landowners must order species in quantities of 10.  Species available include: White spruce, Norway spruce, White cedar, White pine, Red maple, Sugar maple, Red oak, Sycamore, Tulip Tree, White Birch, Eastern redbud and Red Osier dogwood.

Planting trees is important in achieving a healthier, greener Municipality.

The benefits of Greening Communities include:
•    Improved air quality
•    Reduced heating and cooling costs
•    Emission reductions
•    Increased storm water control
•    Smog reduction
•    Provide habitat for birds and other fauna
•    Noise abatement
•    Improved health of citizens
•    Aesthetically enhanced landscapes

Contact KCCA staff for more information about Greening Communities or for help in selecting species for your property.

Greening Communities Order Form